Celebrate National Pickle Day!

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I’m going to start off on a very personal note – I love pickles.

I love the sweet/tangy taste combo, and the slight crunch as you bite into them.

I’ll happily stuff them into a sandwich with roast beef, into a bagel with soft cheese and pastrami, or munch them on dark rye crispbread with ham or cottage cheese.

But this isn’t a foodie blog so please don’t leave comments on how you prefer your pickles, your favourite pickle recipes, etc.

I’m writing about pickles because this Sunday, November 14th, is National Pickle Day (at least, it is in the USA, and I’m sure they won’t mind us borrowing it) and the first thing that entered my mind when I discovered that (okay, the second, after ‘let’s have beef and pickle sandwiches for lunch’) was a memorable video presented by motivational speaker Bob Farrell.

In the video, Farrell describes how a regular diner at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor in Seattle, always asked for an extra pickle with his usual lunch order, which Farrell had never charged for, as he appreciated the man’s frequent patronage. And then one day a waitress, who didn’t know the customer and was unaware of the special arrangement, had tried to charge him for the extra pickle. Incensed, the man had left, vowing never to return.

Farrell quickly rectified the situation, and from that day “Give ‘Em The Pickle!” became his mantra – a message he then took with him onto the motivational speaking circuit.

In terms of customer service, pickles are the small details that make the customer feel special, enhance the customer experience and differentiate you from your competitors.

Like Bob Farrell’s real pickles, they are inexpensive but thoughtful gestures that resonate with the customer’s needs.

Keep Your Pickles Fresh

One problem with pickles – real or otherwise – is that after a while they lose their freshness. Competitors start to copy you and you lose your originality, and when everyone is using the same pickles, customers stop noticing them

When that happens – or ideally, before it starts to happen – it’s time to pick another pickle.

Purchase decisions are rarely made without one or more emotional needs being met at some level; identify these needs, and you will find the secret to the most effective pickles in the business.

Present Your Pickles Attractively

When you have chosen your pickle, it is important that you communicate it to your customers appropriately. Remember, pickles are all about how you – your brand, your store, your personnel, your company – make the customer feel about themselves, not about how you leave the customer feeling about you. Let’s look at an example (hypothetical, we hope):

A man visits a high-class jeweller, looking for a suitable gift for his wife to mark their silver wedding anniversary. From his appearance and demeanour, the assistant realises that he clearly has money to spend, and to her delight, he chooses one of the most expensive items.

As he takes his credit card from his pocket, she cheerfully asks if he would like it gift-wrapped, casually adding “We’re offering free gift-wrapping at the moment, so it won’t cost any extra.”

What a waste of a perfectly good pickle! The customer was hardly the sort to be looking for ways to save money, but the assistant’s thoughtless comment has just implied otherwise.

If the assistant had been trained to present the pickle in a way that reflected the value and significance of the purchase, she might have said “Would you like this to be gift-wrapped, sir? It’s a beautiful piece, and I’m sure your wife will appreciate the thoughtful touch.”

If – and it is unlikely – the customer asks if there is an extra charge for gift-wrapping, she smiles – “I’m sure that won’t be necessary, sir” – and the customer leaves the shop with the feeling that he has been given special attention. He will almost certainly return to the same jeweller when he next buys something for his wife.

If you know what pickles you would like to offer your customers, but would like help on how to present them to your staff and customers, a professional content writer should be willing to assist.

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