Our Portfolio

Here we present a selection of the work we have produced for a variety of market sectors. You are welcome to browse through, clicking on each title to read the actual written content itself. We also invite you to revisit this page frequently, as we will continue to add examples.

Unfortunately, some of our best work has been created for clients who prefer to keep the source of their content anonymous or need to do so for reasons of confidentiality or commercial sensitivity.

We respect their wishes and hope there is a wide enough selection here to satisfy you that we can provide the quality content you need. If not, please contact us and we can discuss your requirements in further detail.

Topical content is generally used when external factors are likely to result in higher search activity for specific products or services.

Impending new legislation affecting certain markets, preparing for seasonal changes in retail and of course major world events such as the coronavirus pandemic are a few examples of situations where topical content can be used effectively.

Topical content is however relatively short-lived compared with evergreen content.

The problem we face with wet wipes clogging our sewers, and why ‘flushable’ wipes aren’t the answer

Addressing the challenges this sector might face in the coming months and offering solutions

A lighthearted look at the tradition with a serious note on the benefits of buying locally grown trees

A look at how distribution centres can mitigate the loss of migrant workers post-Brexit

Highlighting the benefits of office plants in creating a low-stress environment

Offering an eco-friendly alternative when traditional materials may be in short supply

Helping the educational sector plan for building works over the holiday period

Showing how natural trees are the more environmentally friendly option

How businesses can adapt to a long-term shift in working arrangements and keep data secure

Alerting businesses to the shortcomings of widely available test kits and offering alternatives

A real-life precautionary tale about criminal impersonisation

Evergreen content remains relevant to readers for much longer than topical content as it addresses subjects that rarely change – “How Do I Complete My Tax Return?” is a good example of a title for evergreen content.

The lifespan of evergreen content can also be extended by occasional editing to ensure all information given is still up to date and making small changes to improve SEO by refreshing the content withour changing the core message.

Coastal living presents special challenges when choosing landscape edging for gardens

Highlighting the benefits of winning business by recommendation

Underlining the legal responsibilities and how the client can help businesses comply

Showing how textile shredding offers security and environmental benefits

Highlighting the shortcomings of the office shredder and offering an alternative

Promoting the bathing assistance and financial aid options available to persons recently diagnosed

Comparing the client’s product with two market dominators

Highlighting how proper use of the right tools can prevent common workplace injuries

An article is similar to a blog post but generally investigates or explains a subject in greater depth.

One key benefit of publishing articles on your website is that you can establish your company as a thought leader in your market or industry and gain the confidence of potential clients.

A series of articles debating the pros and cons of hospital divider screen products

Case studies are an invaluable sales tool: as real-life examples of previously completed projects they demonstrate your competence and serve as inspiration and guidance to prospective clients contemplating similar work.

How roof terrace systems company Raaft helped transform a London roof space into an area for relaxation

How Avena brought operational efficiencies to the business of confidential document destruction

Clearly written, easily followed instructions published either in a manual or on your website can make the difference between good and great customer experience.

Instruction manuals – particularly some supplied by foreign manufacturers – can result in higher levels of service calls, incorrect use and returns from dissatisfied customers who are less familiar with the product.

How to professionally apply ToughOX truck bed liner spray paint

Clear, step-by-step instructions that make installation easier and trouble-free

How to prepare a suitable base for a steel or plastic heating oil storage tank