Technology has advanced our businesses way beyond where we thought was possible even just a few years ago, and much of that progress has been in communications.

Emails, texts, blogs, social media, and web content have all greatly increased our written communications.

If these are to deliver the best results, they need to be clear, concise, and compelling.







At the Write Company, we offer a wide range of professional writing services that

can be tailored to suit your specific needs.

Examples of our work include:

  • Creating precise, professional content for websites, marketing material, and social media

  • Reviewing customers’ existing material for spelling, grammar, and readability

  • Writing technical manuals and user guides from scratch or improving material from suppliers whose first language may not be English

  • Creating and implementing brand voice, persona, and tone of voice guidelines to ensure consistency across all marketing media and communication

  • Developing storyboards and scripts for corporate and sales presentation videos, and assisting with video production and editing.

We are also CIM-qualified marketers, experienced in:









Creating a ‘brand house’ or a ‘house of brands’

Whether you want to simplify with one brand or create several of them, each with their own unique identity and purpose, we can create a clearly defined brand structure that will be easily understood by you and your markets.


Designing smart forms and templates

We design easy to use Excel-based tools that flow logically and use live information from datasets to create accurate and comprehensive forms and
These have a wide range of uses including

  • project data logging

  • product specification sheets

  • certificates and warranties

  • technical calculation and estimating

Using VBA macros, completed documents can also be auto-saved to a folder or emailed as a PDF attachment.









Sorting and refining existing data

Inconsistent contact or product specification data can cause issues with systems and search engines.

We ensure data is sorted into correct fields and presented consistently, and highlight areas where data may be missing or potentially inaccurate.


Protecting intellectual property

We have extensive experience in researching, applying for, and registering trademarks that will prevent competitors from cashing in on your hard-earned
investment, and in avoiding the potential pitfalls of the registration process.

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