Artificial Christmas trees are frequently promoted as a more eco-responsible alternative to real ones, as they can be used year after year, but Aztec Plants know that isn’t true.

As is the case with many environmental issues, several factors needed to be weighed against each other in this debate. We created an article that explains these clearly and shows why natural trees are indeed greener.

Real or Artificial – Which Christmas Trees Are Greener?

On the face of it, an artificial Christmas tree might seem to be the environmentally responsible alternative to the real thing as it can be reused, year after year, whereas real trees are often European imports that consume energy during refrigerated storage and distribution, and add to carbon footprint during transportation.

But according to The Carbon Trust, an artificial tree must be used for ten years before its overall environmental impact is reduced to less than that of having a new tree every year in the same period.

In that time, the PVC used to make its needles will start to degrade, releasing toxins such as phthalates, lead, cadmium, and organotins that are harmful to human health. When its useful life is over, the metal frame and plastic sheathing will make an artificial tree impossible to recycle, and it will be sent to landfill.

Toxins aside, after ten years an artificial tree will also start to look a bit shabby and struggle to look like a freshly-cut real tree.

All Christmas trees from Aztec Plants are Nordman fir (known for good needle retention if watered properly), harvested from managed forests right here in Norfolk, where the larger specimens are hand-selected in the field for good structure and uniformity.

This proximity not only reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint but with just a few days between harvesting and installation, your tree will be at its best when it goes on display, its invigorating scent evocative of deep forests and Christmases past permeating your reception area or office.

At the end of the season, we remove the tree and reduce it to chippings that create an excellent mulch for acid-loving plants, thereby extending its useful life by returning it to the soil where it all began.

At Aztec Plants, we can supply trees undecorated or already festooned with decorations that complement your décor or reflect your corporate brand, and accessorise them with matching displays for your walls or reception desk to extend the festive look.

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