The Benefits of Using A Professional CV Writer

When economic conditions fluctuate widely, many people find themselves in the position of having to write a CV, if not for the first time, at least after a considerable interval. In theory, this should be quite simple: make a list of your qualifications, skills, strengths and achievements, create a timeline of where you have worked and your job roles at each company, and add a few details about yourself and your personal interests.

There is one problem with this simplistic approach: your CV may be competing with dozens, if not hundreds or maybe thousands of résumés from other people all chasing after the same job.

“The Write Company transformed my adequate but slightly disorganised CV into a brief, articulate summary – a small but worthwhile investment!”
J Pollard, Kent

Employing the talents of a professional CV writer is, of course, no guarantee that you will get the job. A writer cannot – and will not – fabricate skills and qualifications that you do not have. But their experience will help present your abilities and experience in a positive and professional manner.
So what are the benefits?


The pressures of imminent redundancy, long-term unemployment or approaching retirement without an income can make the strongest of us quail, and the temptation is to pitch our CV to be relevant to every and any available vacancy. But desperate measures like this will erode our confidence and send out a negative message to recruiters.

If a professional writer suggests you have more than one version of your CV, it’s not because they are trying to squeeze more money out of you. They know that recruiters will be focused on the core qualifications, skills and strengths needed for the job and that your best chances lie in specialising in those.


When we write about ourselves, it is hard to present our skills, strengths and employment history impartially. We might try to present ourselves in an excessively positive light, or be slow to give ourselves credit.

They will remain emotionally detached from your situation and look at what you genuinely have to offer. They might, after reading the job application form and your qualifications and skill levels, advise you that they do not feel you are suited to the job; not a nice thing for anyone to be told, but infinitely better than discovering the truth of this after you have paid them to write your CV and then had your application turned down.

A professional CV writer will also know how to present your personal profile and interests. You may be passionate about a hobby or cause, but they will advise you if they feel this will add to or detract from your chances of securing the job.


One downside of writing our own CV is that we can become blind to our own abilities. We see nothing extraordinary in skills we use regularly, and because they have become second nature to us, we might assume that they are commonplace.

It is only when we meet someone who finds those abilities remarkable that we realise we do indeed have something to offer that is of genuine value to others.

A professional CV writer will be able to help you discover the extraordinary in the seemingly unremarkable, and identify which of those skills will be of particular value and relevance to the vacancy.


Recruitment companies often use Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software to filter out the best prospects from a large number of applicant

ATS is an algorithm-based system that searches for keywords in a CV – similar to the algorithms used by search engines such as Google – and in the same way that a professional content writer knows how to use keywords to increase SEO, the CV writer knows how to ensure the most important keywords are included in your CV.


Research suggests that your CV will have just 30 seconds to create a favourable impression. How will you do that?

A professional CV writer understands how information must be presented in such a way that the key points can be gleaned in that critical half-minute.

They know that if the CV is to be submitted electronically, certain file formats are compatible with a wider range of computers and devices and that certain font styles are easier for the human eye to read and more likely to be supported by most computer systems.

They know not only what recruiters will be looking for, but also the things that irritate them, such as poor spelling, punctuation and grammar, excessive design creativity, and too many buzzwords.

An investment

A professionally written CV is a sound investment that once written, can be adapted and developed to remain relevant for the future, and it doesn’t need to cost the earth. Depending on what you are expecting from it, your CV could cost you about the same as a new suit – one of the most frequently-bought items by job applicants.

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